How We Work


Every client relationship begins with our three step Discover+Design service: discover goals and priorities, design systems and plans, and deploy processes and actions. We'll work with you to establish clarity, confidence, and control in your financial life.

Discover → Clarity

It starts with a conversation. What’s important to you? What keeps you up at night? Everyone has a unique amalgamation of goals, resources, challenges and priorities. We'll get to know you by taking the time to listen to your concerns, needs and aspirations. You'll get to know our firm, our mission, and how we would work with you. Together we'll clarify your situation and objectives.

We will follow-up with a proposed statement of work that captures what we learned during our meeting. If you decide that we're not a good fit, you can stop here with no obligation. Otherwise, we will move forward together in pursuit of the clear objectives identified.

Design → Confidence

With a clear understanding of your objectives, we will work with you to design a strategic plan, find hidden opportunities, and resolve lurking issues that may be sabotaging your future. Together we will organize and systematize your financial life. We'll assess how your existing accounts, allocations, holdings, and risk profile fit with your desired outcomes. We pay particular attention to lifetime cost and tax efficiency of your current arrangements.

We leverage our proprietary analytics platform developed by our team of MIT Ph.D.'s to power through the financial complexity and create a unique strategy tailored to your goals, tax profile, and household budget. Our powerful technology enables us to:

  • Master intricate trade-offs and opportunities using advanced optimization techniques
  • Quantify robustness to a range of future market possibilities with rigorous stress tests
  • Prescribe specific actions to be taken using sophisticated decision analytics

We want you to come away with an intentionally designed financial life that decreases daily stress and increases confidence in your future.

Deploy → Control

After establishing clarity on what you want and confidence in how to achieve it, we'll work with you to put the plan into motion and take active control of your financial life. We will provide you with a detailed action plan and take the time to carefully go over every recommendation in detail. We can assist with the setup and linking of accounts, coordinating budgets, savings contributions and cash flows. We will collaborate with your attorney, accountant and insurance providers on the implementation, or you can choose to work with our trusted partners if you do not have a preferred provider.

Our recommendations will include specific investment recommendations, but the Discover+Design service does not include ongoing investment management or advice which we offer through our Manage+Grow service described below.


You're busy and focused on your primary ambitions, yet your financial life needs consistent attention to stay on course. We offer an ongoing service because our experience has taught us that continuing support, accountability, and advice produces the strongest outcomes.

We tailor our Manage+Grow service to match the complexity of your financial life and your ongoing advice needs to effectively balance cost with service level. Our ongoing service enables us to work with you through every implementation detail, integrating and supporting your financial life throughout the year, every year. We'll work with you to update your plan at least annually so that your financial decisions continue to be aligned with what you want to achieve. We can manage your portfolios at Schwab, TD Ameritrade, or Interactive Brokers. We will coordinate tax planning with your tax preparer or you can choose a service level that includes one of our tax-preparation partners.