Our Services

Our job is to design and execute a comprehensive wealth plan that orchestrates your resources and empowers your life. We will provide you with a clear understanding of where you stand today and concrete actions you can take towards achieving your financial goals.

Independence Planning

Whether using your hard-earned financial independence to secure your retirement, to enable career change, or to pursue your dream avocation, the decision to reduce or stop working is simultaneously exhilarating and frightening. We work with you to develop a plan for creating sustainable income that enables you to navigate this transition with confidence. Examples of typical elements of service include:

  • Establishing a sustainable living expense budget
  • Developing Social Security filing strategy
  • Understanding employer benefits and managing rollovers
  • Creating healthcare insurance plan integrated with Medicare
  • Performing detailed projected cash flow analysis
  • Reviewing estate plan and coordinating with trusted estate attorneys

Cash Flow Management

Purposefully using your wealth involves coordinating your income and assets to match your spending, taxes, and financing payments each year and over your lifetime. We will work with you to understand the lifetime cash flow needs required for your financial goals and structure an efficient lifelong strategy for effectively achieving those goals. Examples of typical elements of service include:

  • An annual plan for how to use your accounts and income to fund your expenses each year
  • Formulating funding strategies for large spending goals like vacation, day care, and home improvement
  • Structuring home purchases with assets, income, and financing
  • Timing and funding car purchases and replacements over time

Investment Management

Your assets will be managed with rigor and discipline forged through more than a half-century of combined investment management experience and led by our investment committee. Our team utilizes sophisticated asset allocation strategies designed to capture the market’s returns while managing volatility and downside risk. Examples of typical services include:

  • Creating an investment plan designed for your life goals and cash flow needs
  • Establishing asset allocation for each account that is appropriate for the type of the account, your preferences, and how you will be using the account to accomplish your lifetime goals
  • Selecting investments for each account, consistent with the type of account and the target asset allocation
  • Directly managing and actively trading accounts you have at Schwab

Tax Planning

Taxes pervasively affect nearly every financial decision, causing tax planning to permeate nearly all aspects of financial life management. We proactively work with you and your tax advisors to provide effective multi-year tax planning aligned with your financial goals. Examples of typical elements of service include:

  • Planning charitable giving
  • Strategizing qualified account usage
  • Evaluating Roth conversions and deciding Roth contributions
  • Leveraging Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)
  • Exploiting non-deductible IRA contributions and managing the resulting IRA basis
  • Preparing for and managing required minimum distributions
  • Managing capital gains and investment income

Education Funding

The sheer magnitude and rising costs of education requires careful planning and preparation in order to provide this foundational opportunity for your family. We work with you to understand your family's educational aspirations and develop a financial plan for achieving them. Examples of typical elements of service include:

  • Setting expectations for the cost of education
  • Structuring available savings vehicles like 529 plans and Roth IRAs
  • Strategizing financial aid and asset ownership
  • Coordinating gifts from extended family and their tax implications
  • Constructing a savings and funding plan

Insurance Oversight

Life is inherently uncertain and insurance plays a role in managing that uncertainty. We work with trusted insurance professionals to identify any gaps and ensure you have the right protection. Insurance can be expensive, so it must be evaluated carefully and intelligently for it to make sense in your financial plan. Examples of typical elements of service include:

  • Understanding your insurance needs holistically within the context of your assets and goals over time
  • Determining the right cost-benefit trade-off of insurance for your family
  • Evaluating both life (with a preference for level term) and disability policies
  • Sourcing quotes from multiple providers through trusted insurance brokers
When it comes to financial life management, we know that one size does not fit all. So we've built a flexible process and platform that can help everyone to better achieve their life goals.

Chris Moran Director of Client Services